Stand For Ukraine

About the Project

Who we are and what’s our paramount.

Our Manifesto

On Feb 24, 2022, Russia, with the active support of Belarus, launched a full-scale war on Ukraine.

We are Ukrainians. We vigorously oppose this war and demand to end it immediately. It’s an attack on our liberty and genocide of our people. We are united and strong, but we can’t take on these atrocities on our own.

Our project is a response to the invasion. We hope to reach people across the world, of all cultures and creeds, to come together and support Ukraine in its darkest hour.

We ask you to donate now. Any amount you can spare will help. It will help our fighters on the frontlines to defend our Homeland. It will punish the invaders and war criminals. It will provide care to the wounded and grief-ridden. It will protect, feed, and shelter refugees. It will help Ukraine stay Ukraine.

Please donate to the organizations of your choice, military or humanitarian-related. Share this website with your family, friends, and colleagues: anyone who wants to contribute to our cause but may not know how.

Our Team

Mikola Parfenyuck

leading developer

Software developer and data scientist, born and lives in Rivne. His specialization is computer vision for satellite images. He’s trying to help his homeland.

Valeriia Sapega


Russian-speaking Ukrainian born in Odessa, based in Kyiv until the war started. Past hobbies: reading, classical music, piano. New hobbies: surviving, charity, military shopping.

Sergii Knyr


Product manager & consultant from Kyiv. He’s into startups, long distance swimming, and road trips on motobike.

Anastasiia Pogorielova

content manager

Kyivan, project manager & ecological activist. She loves dogs, swimming, and making her city better.

And more than 20+ volunteers from 10+ countries

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